Only Roger James Hamilton Could Have Created Wealth Dynamics – – Synopsis: Housing industry has experienced a boom lately because of low interest rates and open market economy

– When you are constructing a fresh house you should always pay special focus on plumbing given it forms the core of construction

– With growing interest in new houses it’s profitable to determine ones own plumbing business as there is a ready-made market offering goods and services

Before founding EMM Group in 2006, Mark Birnbaum was the promotions director of an 22,000 square-foot club in New York. It was here that he learned the ropes with the business. He learned the ins and outs of promotions, marketing, public relations and event management. It didn’t take long for Birnbaum to acknowledge that his drive and aptitude for the industry could take him to the top, but no one could have envisioned the degree of success although reach with EMM Group partners Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein.

– Eugene Remm attended Long Island’s Hofstra University, where he ran a well known bar and ventured the world of real estate

– In his senior year of faculty he used all his tip money, 10000 dollars, to acquire five houses

– Shortly after graduating, Remm merged with B

– Guest Restaurants where he ran the lounge, Level V

– Remm and Birnbaum met after throwing rival kids birthday parties, both were born on June 10

– The two became fast friends and decided to go into business together

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