Maintain the Different Shoe Materials

Modern shoes are manufactured in many cheap and exotic materials that should be cleaned in a very specific way. If the proper cleaning methods aren’t used, the usable life of the sneakers can easily shorten. For this reason, let’s take some of the best choices for cleaning the different materials:


Leather can be a material that could benefit from a consistent clean. After every wear, it will pay to give the footwear a wipe to take out the most noticeable dirt and debris. Once the dirt is taken off, they could be cleaned which has a solution of saddle salt and water. This can be a great way to revive the look of the sneakers, however it is important to avoid having the leather too wet.


Canvas sneakers can readily get dirty and get mud while in use. The best way to clean this footwear is to possible until they are fully dry. A great cleaning option is baking soda, laundry detergent along with a light scrubbing-brush. If the sneakers feel just a little wet after cleaning, they could be filled with non-inked white paper to assist shorten the drying time.


Rubber will probably be one of the easiest materials to completely clean. This is usually a very hard-wearing and durable material to clean up so it is simple and easy to get the original look back even though they get extremely dirty. However, there are actually certain situations which need extra care when cleaning. For instance, as long as they get covered in paint will still be possible to wash, but essential to use a mild cleaning agent that is certainly intended for this fabric.


Mesh can be a further material that is easy to maintain. However, the mesh might be combined with other materials, that will make it more difficult to clean up. Generally, it helps to scrub the other materials first after which concentrate on the mesh. The easiest way to wash mesh should be to simply develop a mixture of water and soap and apply using a gentle cloth.